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Boxes & Packaging

A wide variety of boxes and bags have been used over the years. Here are several unique examples. Additional unique boxes can be seen throughout the various bottle pages.

Early Boxes

1980s Blanton's Single Barrel Box.  Primarily used in 1987.


Window box used primarily in the late 1980s.


In the early-mid 1990s, "Gift Boxes" were developed for the Japanese market.  The two-piece boxes were released for each variety of Blanton's produced for and distributed in Japan at the time (Single Barrel, Red, Black, Takara Gold).  Collectors now refer to the purple-lined box as the "coffin box."

"Derby Edition" Box - First Generation


Mid-1990s to early 2000s boxes depicting horses mid-race. Boxes were used for duty-free and Japanese markets.

"Derby Edition" Boxes - Second Generation


Top-opening, late 1990s octagonal box depicting horses mid-race.  Issued for Silver, Special Reserve Green and Original Straight from the Barrel.  Note that the red box would make you assume the "Takara Red" variety however the bottling included was the standard non-Takara.

"Derby Edition" Box - Third Generation


Early 2000s box used for Japanese Takara Gold edition.  Square design when closed.

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