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Blanton's Bottle Stoppers

An integral part of the Blanton's bottle, the famous "horse stoppers" have a history of their own

Horse & Jockey Stoppers

Since the introduction of Blanton's in 1984, the horse and jockey stopper has been synonymous with the brand.​  There are 8 poses in total representing the horse and jockey through various stages of a race.

The design of the jockey changed around 1993.  The casting was also refined with more detail.  Early mini bottles (50ml) also had different jockey poses not used in later bottlings.

Beginning in 1999, a letter from the word Blanton's was added to each stopper near the rear legs of the horse. All 8 stoppers together B-L-A-N-T-O-N-S and are often displayed in a collectible stand or barrel stave. 


If you collect all 8 stoppers you can send them to Buffalo Trace Distillery who will mount them on a barrel stave for free and return them to you.


You can contact their gift shop for more information at 800-654-8471 or 502-696-5926 or via email

Please note that I am not affiliated with Buffalo Trace and cannot help you with these requests or guarantee success. 



One frequently asked question is if the two Ns in "Blanton's" are different.  They are!  The 2nd N is stylized as N: with a colon immediately after the letter. 


According to Buffalo Trace they produce an equal number of each stopper.  They are randomly applied to the bottles.  You can also purchase them in their gift shop or online website.

stoppers are produced for the various gold editions as well as some of their special festival bottlings. 


Silver stoppers were produced in the past for the now-discontinued Silver Edition. Buffalo Trace will occasionally offer Silver stoppers for sale, however.  The full-size stoppers are used on 750ml, 700ml, and 375ml bottles while the "Mini's" have a smaller stopper with no letter.


There were several variations of jockeys used on mini bottles that differ slightly from those used today. Early stoppers for all bottles had somewhat crude casting as well. 

If you are looking to buy more stoppers (attached to bottles!), check out, which has a wide variety of Blanton's in stock and ready for shipping.

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