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Welcome to Warehouse H is a site dedicated to the love of Blanton's Bourbon, the most sought-after and searched-for bourbon on the internet.


Beyond being popular, Blanton's is historic. It was the first bourbon to be bottled and marketed for its single barrel "super premium" nature. Blanton's paved the way for many other single barrel and small batch releases, which collectively helped the eventual comeback of Bourbon.  There is perhaps no more historically impactful brand.  The polarizing nature of Blanton's today is evident by those who love the brand and those who believe it's overhyped and overrated.  Regardless of opinion, Blanton's is historic, and this site is dedicated to documenting the brand, including the various expressions that are low production and exceptionally rare.  


This is NOT a site to trade or sell bourbon. This site is not affiliated in any way with the Buffalo Trace Distillery, the distillers of Blanton's, or Age International and Takara, the brand owners. Pictures used on this site are largely my own.  Any borrowed pictures are used under Fair Use and/or Creative Commons licenses.  If you are the copyright owner of a picture and wish it removed, please contact me.

Dominic G.


Famed Buffalo Trace tour guide Freddie Johnson and me in early 2023

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