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Welcome to Warehouse H is a site dedicated to my love of Blanton's Bourbon, the most sought-after and searched-for bourbon on the internet. I'm a Blanton's superfan and for those familiar with the term "tater", I fully embrace being one.


I created Warehouse H to share my knowledge of the brand with fellow collectors. Unlike many bourbon sites, blogs, and social media, I do not review bourbon or share tasting notes. This site was created to help other collectors and those simply curious about Blanton's.


One aspect of collecting and discussing Blanton's I enjoy is the polarizing nature of the brand. Wherever you go on the internet where there is a bourbon discussion, Blanton's is mentioned...and opinions are wide ranging. Most current-day bourbon "elite" feel it is simply overhyped and overrated. They are likely not fully wrong. There are some incredible brands that are easier to find and when price is considered, are a better buy. Regardless of opinion, Blanton's is historic and remains an essential part of any bourbon collection.


This is NOT a site to trade or sell bourbon. This site is not affiliated in any way with the Buffalo Trace Distillery, the distillers of Blanton's, or Age International and Takara, the brand owners. Photos used on this site are largely my own or have been sourced with permission. Please do not reuse any photos without contacting me first.

Enjoy looking around Warehouse H and if you have any questions drop me a line.


Dominic G.


Famed Buffalo Trace tour guide Freddie Johnson and me in early 2023

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