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COVID-19 - Buy Blanton's & TP

Hopefully everyone is staying safe and well stocked with the essential items. My case of Blanton's arrived this week so I'm good for a bit.

The website continues to grow and expand. It was recently linked from from the Gear Patrol website. Will Price has some great content so I encourage you to review his other articles. Thanks Will!

I've also had a few good suggestions on areas to expand the site. Suggestions include a location where people can post "in search of" (ISO) dump dates for those who are seeking to connect with someone who might have a coveted birthday or anniversary bottle date. Another suggestion is to create some sort of "rarity index" or score to help understand or rank the exclusivity of the bottles. It would be subjective for sure but based on what I have learned through my own research for this site I could probably ballpark most of it.

Keep the suggestions coming and I hope you are enjoying the site.



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