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Welcome to started as a personal quest to find and document the various Blanton's bottlings. When I first heard there were other expressions available outside of the United States, I quickly discovered several varieties including Gold and Straight From the Barrel (SFTB). Hunting further I discovered the Special Reserve and Japanese exclusive Red and Black varieties. I thought I had found them all....and boy was I wrong!

Digging deeper I quickly found some the various "festival" labels sold exclusively for the French importer, La Maison du Whisky. Given the extensive number of labels produced over the years I began my official quest to document them all. Along the way I've learned a lot and connected with some amazing Blanton's collectors primarily through various Facebook groups.

I've now discovered even more rare bottles, some of them so exclusive that labeling them "unicorns" doesn't quite seem an appropriate classification. As one collector I met who owns 95% of the bottles on the list, including the Private Stock pictured above, put it "Even if price isn't an issue, some of these bottles just can't be found. Google searches yield no results or only vague references. Those who have extensive collections have networked with people around the world, over years, and long before the relatively recent bourbon boom to build their collections."

Over time I plan on continuing to document the history of Blanton's with a particular focus on the bottles that are relatively unknown to even the well experienced Blanton's consumer.

One final point for now....this is NOT a website to trade or sell. You will need to look elsewhere for that. Unfortunately the laws and regulations surrounding this activity are headaches I don't need. This is an informational only site dedicated to my love of this brand and desire to share information with others with similar interests.

More to come!



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Membre inconnu
22 mai 2020

Did you say "case of Blanton's"? lol

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